Riento Guitars: Niños


In Spanish: "niños = children"

An excellent classical guitar for beginners and children who already have some playing experience. It is well worth investing in a good quality instrument in the beginning of the hobby.

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Riento Guitars: Plata


In Spanish: "plata = silver"

The Plata models are especially suitable for beginners who need a 7/8 or a full-sized guitar. The range also includes a model with a cedar top.

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Riento Guitars: Oro


In Spanish: "oro = gold"

The Oro model is a good choice for a beginner or a guitarist already with some experience in playing. The cedar top provides a warm tone and the glossy finish a more solid sound.

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Riento Guitars: Dorado


In Spanish: "dorado = gilded, glorious"

Dorado models feature a laminated Indian rosewood back and sides providing a nuanced tone. The Dorado range offers spruce and cedar top models.

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Riento Guitars: Diamante


In Spanish: "diamante = diamond"

The curved shape of the top provides a deep and rich sound to the full-sized version of Diamante. Both models have a mahogany neck and a more decorated appearance. This model was formerly called Grazioso.

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Riento Guitars: Concierto


In Spanish: "concierto = concert, concerto, harmony"

Concierto is the flagship model from Riento® Guitars and is built in Spain. Concierto is the choice of an advanced player. In addition to the solid wood top, also the back and the sides of the guitar are made of solid wood, which provides deeper and more nuanced sound compared to the other models.

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Riento Guitars Armrest

Accessory: Armrest

Armrest improves the sound of classical guitar by avoiding the arm to rest on the top of the guitar. Playing is also more comfortable when the sharp edge of the body is not pressing against the arm and blood is circulating more freely.

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All images featured on this site are for illustrative purposes. Each guitar is individual both in sound and in appearance.

Riento Guitars – Model map
 Model name  Code
 Niños S53  NS53
 Niños S57  NS57
 Plata S62  PS62
 Plata S  PS
 Plata C  PC
 Oro C  OC
 Dorado S  DOS
 Dorado C  DOC
 Diamante C62   DIC62 
 Diamante C  DIC
 Concierto S  CS 
 Concierto C  CC