Lens Resonance System® 

Patented Lens Resonance System® (LRS) is a groundbreaking soundboard system. Kauko Liikanen and Uwe Florath started developing the product in the 1990s. The final result, after several prototypes, was a top with thinner and flexible edges the centre being stiffer. The equal sound through the fretboard with even tone of each note is one of the key advantages of the structure.

LRS provides a colourful and bright tone with unforced and delicate nuances serving guitarists from beginners to advanced players. When the strings are plucked even with small effort, it produces a strong sound with a long sustain. Every player now has a rich tone palette in their hands to help the music become alive through the guitar.

Patented in the year 2000, LRS has since been used in hand-made Liikanen guitars and factory-made models, which are now known as Riento® Guitars. Lens Resonance System® is used exclusively in all classical Riento® guitars together with a solid wood top.