Riento® Guitar has a superb quality-price ratio for every player from a beginner to an advanced guitarist. All the guitars are made in Europe while the concept comes from Finland. Each guitar is checked and tuned by hand which makes the quality of the guitars extremely even. Riento® Guitar is highly recommended to be the first classical guitar for everyone – even the cheapest model includes a solid top and has a beautiful sound. And when you require more, there are also guitars with all-solid wood bodies. Left-handed models are available by request.


Each Riento® Guitar comes with a solid wood top equipped with Lens Resonance System®. You will recognise the type of wood from the letter following the model name:

  • S = Spruce. The top is typically light-coloured and provides a bright sound.
  • C = Cedar. The top is darker and slightly red, and has a warmer sound compared to a spruce top.


The number after the model name gives you the scale length, the measure of the vibrating part of the string between the nut and the saddle. This number has been marked on to the models smaller than the full scale (65 cm) guitars. Altogether, there are 5 sizes available:

  • 1/4 size = a quarter-size guitar (44 cm)
  • 1/2 size = half-size guitar (53 cm)
  • 3/4 size = three quarter-size guitar (57 cm)
  • 7/8 size = (62 cm)
  • 4/4 size = full-size guitar (65 cm)

Riento Guitars

Riento Guitars - Model map
 Model name  Code  Size 
 Niños S44  NS44  1/4
 Niños S53  NS53  1/2
 Niños S57  NS57  3/4
 Niños S57 Fishman*  NS57-FM  3/4
 Plata S62  PS62  7/8
 Plata S  PS  4/4
 Plata S Fishman*  PS-FM  4/4
 Plata S CW Fishman*   PS-CW-FM  4/4
 Plata C  PC  4/4
 Oro C  OC  4/4
 Oro C Fishman*  OC-FM  4/4
 Dorado S  DOS  4/4
 Dorado C  DOC  4/4
 Diamante C62   DIC62  7/8
 Diamante C  DIC  4/4
 Concierto S  CS  4/4
 Concierto C  CC  4/4
 Acoustic DR6  DR6  D
 Acoustic DR6 CW FM*  DR6-CW-FM   D
* = Electro-acoustic guitar


Model chart